Now that I’ve told you my dirty little secret about my addiction to a beautiful greeting card, I think it’s only fair I tell you what it is I love so much about the various cards we offer at White Orchard. When I started shadowing the previous owner during the process of purchasing the business, I saw very quickly how much our customers loved the blank greeting cards from Wrendale Designs. At the time, we only offered blank cards that did not denote any special occasion; they are part of Wrendale's Country Set Collection. They all feature beautiful illustrations of British wildlife, but that was it. Within a couple of weeks of officially taking over the business, I met our new sales rep from Wrendale Designs, Andrea. She was new to the company but had been in retail her entire career, so I trusted her instincts and knowledge of best sellers, pairing that with what I had learned about our customers. We went through the offerings White Orchard customers were accustomed to, and then we looked through the entire collection of offerings together. That’s when I learned they do so much more than just their Country Set Collection of blank greeting cards.

We introduced some of the birthday cards and they quickly sold out, so I started ordering more from their occasions collections. Now, we offer a large variety of their occasion cards, some of which give our customers a little chuckle when they read them. Their milestone birthday cards are some of our customers’ favourites. I personally love the 50th birthday options. They are adorable!

This year, they introduced their Little Wren Collection. It is full of some of the most beautiful new baby cards I’ve seen. Each of them features gold foil writing on the front, marking the specific occasion: new baby, twins, new grandparents, christening, 1st Birthday, etc and they are all blank inside for you to leave your own heartfelt message.

As for what I love about the greeting cards from Wrendale Designs, that would have to be the artwork. Each year Hannah Dale’s artwork seems to be more vibrant and energetic than the last and through her artwork you can truly see how much she loves the British countryside and all the wildlife we are blessed to be surrounded by.

To view our full range of blank greeting cards by Wrendale Designs click here. There, you will find more than 100 different cards to choose from.