In my previous two posts I talked about all of the new gifts we’ve added to our website for new babies and the cute nursery décor pieces we now have. This time I want to talk about a category of our offerings that I never seem to give enough attention to: our greeting cards. If you’re a long time customer of ours then you know I’ve improved our offerings dramatically since taking over the business in 2019. We have gone from offerings cards from two British designers: Wrendale Designs and Berni Parker Designs to offering additional British brands such as Louise Tiler Designs, White Cotton Cards, Camilla & Rose, and Wendy Bell Designs. Not only have we brought in these other 4 designers, but we have increased our offerings from Wrendale Designs and Berni Parker Designs as well. 

What you might not know is how much I love buying a beautiful card for someone. My love of greeting cards started when I was a teenager. I finally had a driver’s license and a part time job, so when birthdays and other special events came around, I was able to pick out my own cards without my mom telling me to hurry up. I found that every time I needed to buy a card I could never choose between my two favourites, so I started buying both! Before I knew it I had quite the collection of cards that I didn’t really know what to do with. I kept them and each time I moved they went with me and the collection grew. I started searching for funny cards when I would travel, never really knowing who I would give them to, but I usually found the right person and occasion. Once I even bought 2 cards that had such cute artwork and sayings on them, I had no intention of giving them away. I wanted to frame them…until I learned how much that would cost! 

However, my love of a beautiful greeting card has never wavered. Once, my husband and I were visiting Buxton and I stumbled on this fabulous card shop. I probably held George hostage there for an hour as I picked out an assortment of greeting cards that I would later send my friends and mom at random to let them know I was thinking of them. When you think about it, sending a card in the post for no reason at all is an inexpensive way to show someone you love that you are thinking of them. They will feel that love when they open the card. I know in the past, my best friend has told me my cards have a funny way of arriving on her toughest days when she most wishes I hadn't moved so far away. Do you ever send a card to someone you love for no reason at all? If you haven’t, I would strongly encourage you to try it. You might just make someone’s entire week with that tiny gesture. 

So, now you know. I have a secret addiction to greeting cards and that’s why we now offer more than 300 designs of blank greeting cards for all kinds of occasions: engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, sympathy, thinking of you, new baby, christening, retirement, new home, and so many more. In fact, we offer so many designs now, that only our online customers can view them all! We simply don’t have enough space in our shop to display them all. You can see all of our blank greeting cards in one location by clicking here. Alternatively, you can choose which collection of cards you would like to explore by making a selection from the Greeting Cards drop down menu. 

'Will you be adding anymore new cards and card companies to your offerings?', you ask. Good question! The answer is YES! Soon we will receive a new delivery of cards from Louise Tiler Designs and we are planning to add 3D birthday cards to our offerings this year. The truth is, every time I place an order to restock our cards I always order extras to prevent me from running out of options for our customers. This means, our selections will continue to grow with every order I place with our current suppliers. However, in addition to those offerings continue to grow, I am also contemplating adding two additional British card designers/makers to our offerings for our online customers.