Our Story

As many of you may know, White Orchard was originally opened in September 2011 by an amazing woman, Amanda. Just as all of you grew to love her so have we. What she created with White Orchard is truly special and we work hard every day to honour that. It was under her management when Jennifer first fell in love with White Orchard as a customer during the Christmas holidays in 2014 while visiting Shropshire. What happened from there can only be explained as fate. 

Upon learning she had spent nearly £100 on her first visit to White Orchard George knew she would not soon forget about her new favourite shop!  For the next 4 years Jennifer visited White Orchard every time she was in Shrewsbury Town Centre. While spending some birthday money there one day and choosing Christmas gifts for her mom, Jennifer learned the business was for sale. What George did not know was that for the rest of the day and evening all Jennifer could think about was whether or not this could be her opportunity to make a personal dream come true. 

Never one to slow down, Jennifer always talked of retirement as the opportunity to do something she always wanted to do instead of what she had to do to help support her family. This dream was to open a unique gift shop filled with all of her favourite things: women’s accessories, home décor, amazing gifts and beautiful cards.

With George firmly by her side, supporting her every move that dream became a reality in February 2019. Since then Jennifer has worked to cultivate relationships with White Orchard's loyal customers, listening to what they are asking for and developing strong relationships with suppliers to help her meet those requests. She has also carefully procured new suppliers to help develop White Orchard’s offerings to what they are today and is always paying close attention to what is on the market that she knows her customers will love. 

Jennifer is committed to maintaining the uniqueness White Orchard has become synonymous with since it first opened. She is devoted to providing the best possible customer service and shopping experience to all who enter her door and works hard to instill that same ethos in her staff. Together with George and the amazing women who work for them, White Orchard continues to thrive, growing at every turn without ever losing sight of the most important part of their business: exceptional service with a smile.