As you may know Hannah Dale of Wrendale Designs has created a beautiful piece of artwork to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III. We knew our local Wrendale collectors would want the chance to pick up 1 or 2 gifts from their range of coronation gifts. Now that they have had a chance to do that and we have one week to go before the historic event, I want to make these beautiful gifts available to all our customers online.

I know there are many different coronation gifts out there with various types of artwork and designs to illustrate the grandeur and historic nature of the King’s coronation, but of all that I’ve seen I truly believe Hannah Dale has captured the true essence of the King, something others haven’t quite managed to do. Everyone knows how much he loves a beautiful garden and his and the Queen Consort’s dogs. To show the man behind the crown and all the pomp and circumstance in such a natural setting for him is the reason our customers love these gifts so much. The artwork is why everyone loves the gifts from Wrendale Designs.

The most popular 2 gifts seem to be the special edition tea towel and the fine china mug. We also have the framed cards, boxes of special breakfast blend tea bags, and magnetic shopping pads. Which one(s) will you be choosing for you and your friends? Perhaps a couple of mugs and a box of tea for you and your best friend to enjoy while watching all the festivities? Or maybe a tea towel to put out when guests come around? Or what about the magnetic shopping pad? They would be lightweight gifts to send people you know who live abroad and are fans of the Royal Family. Whoever you buy one of these special edition coronation gifts for, I hope you love them as much as everyone else who has seen and bought them.