Wrendale Designs - Ralph - Adorable Plush Labrador

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Wrendale Designs have done it yet again! They have created three new plushies this year: Camilla, Gordon, and Ralph. Have you met them yet? Not only are these plushies soft, cuddly, and adorable, they each have their own stories that accopmany them to their forever homes. Read below to learn more about Ralph and his journey so far. 

Ralph loves to lend a helping paw and is constantly looking for ways to be useful. He is always tidying up any food that he can find, even if it means jumping onto a table to get it. He also tries his best to do the same with shoes that are left lying around but doesn’t think they taste quite as good. Bright and playful, Ralph’s perfect day would be sniffing out the muddiest puddles for a good roll and then winding down with a nap snuggled up on a lovely clean sofa. He’s an excellent runner although he rarely wins a race as he’s easily distracted by a passing rabbit or interesting smell.

Distinctly 'Wrendale' each of the plush characters is completely unique, combining high quality soft tactile materials reminiscent of the animal (and artwork) you know and love, making it a great gift for any collector of the Wrendale range. Suitable from birth. Polyester/Fibre stuffing.

  • Size: 255 x 140 x 150mm