Last month I shared with you all the incredible work we accomplished in the last year and we celebrated the first anniversary of our website. YAY!!! This month I am feeling more energised and creative and I seem to have my eye on the future again. Does this ever happen to you? You finish a major project, step back and enjoy it for a while, and then you find another major project that needs to be done? It feels like the story of my life lol!

The one constant that seems to flow in my life, no matter how many projects I have going on, or how much work I need to get done, is that I am always needing a gift for someone! Between my husband’s family and our nieces, my family back home and our friends, I feel like I am always on the hunt for the perfect gift. Luckily for me I own a brilliant shop for that! (I promise I do give lots of gifts that do not come from our shop!)

Over the weekend our nieces came for a visit, and they love the shop. The youngest has a birthday coming up next month and she is finally getting her ears pierced…enter Auntie Jenn. Both of them go crazy over our selection of children’s sterling silver earrings! The designs are so much fun and with sterling silver posts my sister-in-law knows her girls’ ears are safe. It’s a win for everyone! On this trip I let the girls go through the catalogue, each with their own pen, and put marks by the ones they like. The oldest loves getting new earrings from us each year and the youngest can hardly wait to get her first pairs!

If your life is anything like mine, and you find yourself juggling so many responsibilities you barely find time to sleep, let us help you with your gift giving responsibilities. You can order any of our beautiful gifts to be shipped to you for wrapping and gifting, OR you can select one of our stunning greeting cards and gifts (on our website only) and include the message you want written in the card at check out (in the message section). Make sure you provide the correct shipping address and that’s it…your gift and greeting card will go directly to your loved one! This is just one of the ways we help our customers continue to move forward with all of the responsibilities they have to juggle in their lives. Hopefully, we can help you one day as well!


Warmest regards,