Sage Cottage Collection Family Hanging Hearts


If you like our Sage Cottage Collection but you're looking for a sweet gift on a tight budget, then these hanging hearts are perfect! They give all the love and thoughtfulness you could possibly want to send. 

Option 1: "Family, where life begins and Love never ends"

Option 2: "Family is anyone that Loves you unconditionally"

Option 3: "I will always remember your kindness"

Option 4: "May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happienss come through your door"

Let us help make sending this gift easier for you!

If you want to send this to a friend, you can also purchase one of our many greeting cards to send with it. During the check out process you will find a box where you can type the message you would like us to hand write in the card on your behalf. We will sign the card as you and happily ship it to any address (in the UK) you include in the Shipping Address section during the check out process.