Italian Leather, The Marie Crossbody Handbag, Dark Teal w/ Chocolate Trim

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It doesn't matter what time of year it is, the majority of the women who come in our shop looking for a new handbag are looking for a crossbody style that can hold all of the essentials while still looking pretty. I completely understand! It's my favourite style bag to carry. You can keep your hands free and your belongings safe. Win! Win!

The Marie Crossbody Handbag does just that, while offering a bit of understated style to go with it! It comes in multiple colours so be sure to browse the full collection before you choose your favourite one!

This particular bag is dark teal with chocolate brown trim details. This colour combination is my personal favourite for this season. I love the richness of the dark teal and the chocolate trim detail helps highlight the shape of the bag and elevate the style altogether. 

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*NOTE: Colour variations in photos are due to variations in lighting depending on where the photos where taken and with what equipment.