Italian Leather Rucksack Style Handbag, The Kate, Dark Teal w/ Light Chocolate Trim

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Year after year this beautifully made Italian leather rucksack style handbag is our top seller. It doesn't matter what colour we have, everyone is always looking to replace the one they bought years ago or to find a second one in a different colour. It's easy to see why everyone loves it so much! The Kate is perfect for any woman 'on the go' that has a lot to carry with her, needs her hands free but refuses to compromise on quality and style.

The Kate is imported from Italy and this one is a dark teal and chocolate combination. It's actually one of the most popular combinations and I LOVE IT!! The richness of the teal and the chocolate compliment each other so perfectly and the teal brings that pop of colour to any outfit. 

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*NOTE: Colour variations in photos are due to variations in lighting depending on where the photos where taken and with what equipment.