Birthday Multi-Pack Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

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Are you looking for more ways you can help reduce your ecological footprint? These gorgeous sheets of wrapping paper are not only made from recycled paper and able to be easily recycled after use, they are made here in the UK in a carbon neutral facility. Even the inks are eco-friendly; they are made from vegetable oils. The cherry on top, you ask? The plastic packaging can be recycled once you’ve used your 100% recyclable gift wrap! Just be sure to always remove the sticky tape before recycling.

Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE the eco-friendly nature of these gorgeous papers but let’s face it…it’s the designs that are truly special. For example, this pack of birthday gift wrap contains 3 sheets, each one in a different colour pallete. 

Each sheet is 500mm x 700mm.

Note: The shade of brown paper (the background to the designs)may vary slightly due to the recycled materials used to make it.